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Menopause is unavoidable...

but the symptoms are entirely optional!



April 17 - 22, 2023

Are You Tired Of Feeling ...

😳  Out of Control?

🤯  Like you're losing your mind?

😖  Like your body is betraying you?

Get empowered during the 5 day live by

🤓 In less than a week you will understand how and why menopause symptoms arise... ( 🤫 spoiler alert - it's not all about hormones 🤭 ) 

😌 Learning how to control all of that stress and anxiety

🤩Discover your unique body type so that you can understand your body's communication and finally give yourself the care you need.

😎 With tools to reduce specific symptoms like hot flashes and sugar cravings

Menopausal Symptoms are predictable and avoidable...
it all depends upon your body type

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About Chitra
(pronounced chih-truh)

Doctor of Ayurveda

Chitra  has been a holistic health practitioner for over 30 years focusing on Ayurveda and women's health.       

Chitra helps women remove menopausal symptoms using Ayurveda, a personalized nonwestern medical system, naturally without hormones, complicated diets or exercise. Her expertise lies in helping women find new personalized solutions without creating too much disruption to the lives they have already built. 

Ayurveda is unique in that not only is it the oldest natural health system as well as the most personlized one.  It is my honor to assist women in having the best and most vibrant life throughout the peri to post -menopausal phase of her life.

And yes... I am a cat mom... Cats adopt me... there is hair everywhere.. contemplating how to remove the hair at all times. 😝

I look forward to connecting with you!

Consulting Reviews

What's Being Said

You deserve an Ayurvedic consult with Chitra!


What a strong and lovely journey to deeper health it has been. My 75 year old body, mind and spirit have transformed. I understand experientially how my food is truly medicine that nourishes and heals me.


Chitra’s knowledge, kind and caring honesty, and brilliance have guided me. I love and enjoy my food. My digestion and elimination are amazing. My energy and engagement in life keep growing.


Words do not express how profoundly changing - small step by small step - Chitra’s guidance has been. This includes how to travel and eat well.


Also, I am eternally deeply grateful I had her navigating me through the Covid and the giant digestive challenges before and after. No long haul covid for me; it was a time of healing!


Thank you Chitra for all of this and how you model the journey!

Janet Morgan

When my wife started working with Chitra, my immediate and ongoing thought was, “No way I’m doing that; it’s just too much work.”  And then, I started noticing that she had more energy, her coloring was better, and her overall health had improved.  I was envious.  


So, I too, began my journey with Chitra.  It was difficult at first as my body, mind and brain learned new routines, new foods, new vocabulary, and new ways of looking at my health. Chitra has been, and continues to be, right here with me the whole way, providing support and care whenever I ask;  as well as her amazing knowledge, healing presence, calm, understanding and brilliance.


My eating habits have improved as has my knowledge of food and how the seasons impact my body and what I need to provide for it.  I have re-gained the ability to know when I am hungry and when I might be just going through the motions of eating simply because it is “time.” My digestion is functioning more like it is supposed to and I don’t gain weight at the slightest drop of the hat. Overall, I have better energy and more effective bodily functions, sleep and breathe better, and have a clearer mind.


Friends comment on how different I look, and how much better. I feel healthier than I have in longer than I can remember.  I am immensely grateful for this new path that Chitra has helped me walk along, and plan to continue long into the future. 

Becky Page

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Menopause is unavoidable...

but the symptoms are entirely optional!

April 17 - 22, 2023

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Get ready to learn new skills:

  • Predict symptoms based on your body type.

  • The influences which create chaos or stability during menopause

  • Prevent and reverse menopausal symptoms with Ayurveda

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