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Menopause No More

Pitta Cooling Home Essentials Sheet

Doṣha Dynamics 🤔 Navigate Menopause 👯‍♀️ Choose Your Unique Strategy

  • It's not just another talk about menopause.

  • ​Not going to confuse you with esoteric Ayurvedic  language

  • You'll walk away armed with the knowledge to make health decisions based on the principles of qualities. It's your compass for a thriving, balanced life.

 Understanding your Doṣha, that secret sauce, is what makes you, well, YOU.

This is a 90 minute intensive that provides you with tangible tools using ayurvedic wisdom to flips the script on the confusion of "What's my Doṣha?" Why it matters.  And how to make better lifestyle and dietary choices.

It's about understanding your individuality and harnessing the power within.

Discover Your Uniqueness and best ways to combat the symptoms of menopause base on your doshic makeup.

By the end of our immersion, you won't just know your Doṣha; you'll own it.  No more feeling confused.  


All are welcome! There is zero financial cost to participate.

​Your Information is 100% secure and will never be shared with anyone.   

You can unsubscribe at any time.

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