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You are invited to explore the healing and transformative therapies of Ayurveda. Many of the services can be booked as stand alone but they are even more beneficial when combined.


Some of the names of the therapies you may have heard before or not,  just in case, here's to better understanding the profound benefits of  Ayurvedic therapies. 

The Ayurvedic methodology begins by defining health from a health perspective not as lack of disease.

“Samadosha, sama agnischa sama dhatumala kriyaha prasanna atmenindriya manaha swasthya ityabhidheeyate”


When the doshas are in equilibrium, agni (digestive fire) is in a balanced state and the dhātu  (7 tissues) and malas (3 wastes) are fully functional. The senses and motor functions, the mind and atma are in a pleasant state.  That person, who is also established in self (consciousness). Such a person is called healthy or Swastha.

Ayurveda's unique approach involves resetting the digestive, nervous and endocrine system by calming or removing excess dosha  which is a potent catalyst for healing. This transformative process significantly boosts both physical and emotional well-being, utilizing methods such as food, dinacharya, and various Ayurvedic treatments.

At the core of our work is the belief in the interconnectedness of gut and brain biochemistry, acknowledging changes in one influences the other. 

We also recognize that changes in gut and brain chemistry lead to positive outcomes in reducing anxiety and stress in addition to many other ailments.

Initial Consultation

The transformative power of Ayurveda lies with our comprehensive Initial Consultation and subsequent follow ups. During the in depth session, we take the time to thoroughly review your health history, delve into your unique constitution, and understand your specific health concerns and goals. We will carefully analyze the information gathered and craft a detailed Report of Findings, which includes personalized protocols and herbal recommendations tailored to your individual needs. Embrace this opportunity to embark on a holistic journey towards optimal health and wellbeing with Ayurveda With Chitra.

During your Initial Consultation at Ayurveda With Chitra, you will experience a range of benefits tailored to support your holistic well-being:

1. Comprehensive Health Assessment: I conduct a thorough review of your health history, taking into account your physical, mental, emotional well-being and lifestyle. This holistic approach allows me to understand your unique health needs and provide personalized guidance.

2. Individualized Care:  Each person is unique, with their own set of health concerns and goals. The Initial Consultation offers an opportunity for us to delve deep into your individual constitution, identifying your specific imbalances and areas of focus.

3. Holistic Lifestyle Evaluation: In addition to your medical history, we consider various lifestyle factors such as diet, exercise, sleep, stress levels, daily routines, work-life balance and relationships. This holistic evaluation helps us create a comprehensive understanding of your overall well-being.

4. Personalized Treatment Plan: Based on the information gathered during the Initial Consultation, I create a personalized treatment plan tailored to address your specific health needs. This plan may include dietary recommendations, lifestyle modifications, herbal remedies, therapeutic practices, and more.

5. Report of Findings: In a follow-up session called the Report of Findings, I provide a detailed overview of the ayurvedic assessment and recommendations. This allows you to gain a deeper understanding of the root cause of your concern and empowers you to actively participate in your healing journey.

6. Empowerment and Education: My aim is not just to provide you with a treatment plan but also to empower you with knowledge and understanding of Ayurvedic principles. I educate you on the underlying causes of your health issues and teach you how to informed choices for long-term well-being utilizing time honored Ayurvedic principles.

7. Personal Support: Throughout the Initial Consultation process, you receive personalized support from me, a doctor of Ayurveda. I am dedicated to answering your questions, addressing your concerns, and guiding you with compassion and expertise.

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About the Ayurvedic Process

Ayurvedic solutions require time and commitment.

While some may experience the benefits of Ayurveda within 1-2 weeks, lasting and profound transformation requires consistent effort over several months. Ayurvedic healing methodology addresses the root causes of dis-ease as some symptoms are usually active for years. Patience and dedication are key to reversing dis-ease processes.

Unsure and want to chat? Absolutely no pressure. 

What Our Clients Say

Image by Anuruddha Lokuhapuarachchi
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Becky Page

When my wife started working with Chitra, my immediate and ongoing thought was, “No way I’m doing that; it’s just too much work.”  And then, I started noticing that she had more energy, her coloring was better, and her overall health had improved.  I was envious.  


So, I too, began my journey with Chitra.  It was difficult at first as my body, mind and brain learned new routines, new foods, new vocabulary, and new ways of looking at my health. Chitra has been, and continues to be, right here with me the whole way, providing support and care whenever I ask;  as well as her amazing knowledge, healing presence, calm, understanding and brilliance.


My eating habits have improved as has my knowledge of food and how the seasons impact my body and what I need to provide for it.  I have re-gained the ability to know when I am hungry and when I might be just going through the motions of eating simply because it is “time.” My digestion is functioning more like it is supposed to and I don’t gain weight at the slightest drop of the hat. Overall, I have better energy and more effective bodily functions, sleep and breathe better, and have a clearer mind.


Friends comment on how different I look, and how much better. I feel healthier than I have in longer than I can remember.  I am immensely grateful for this new path that Chitra has helped me walk along, and plan to continue long into the future. 


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