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Not All Hot Flashes are the Same

What is your Menopause?

Ayurvedic Self Care Mastery

Friday March 1st 12:30pm MST

3-hour Masterclass - Cost $36.00


In this immersive Masterclass, we will delve into the profound world of dosha, the three bioenergetic archetypes of Ayurveda and guṇa, the qualities that make up each dosha. Discover their role in Ayurvedic Self Care Mastery, specifically in peri-menopause. Together, you will unravel how these qualities shape our experiences during this transformative phase of life and learn how to harness their power for your well-being.

Hi, my name is Chitra, pronounced Chih-truh and I am a Doctor of Ayurveda. 


I help peri through post menopausal women 40+ who have always prided themselves in living a healthy lifestyle, health conscious now anxious and fired up by peri through post menopausal symptoms such as brain fog, uncontrolled anger, weight gain, thinning hair or hair loss, sleeplessness, hot flashes, cold flashes, skin breakouts, dry skin, bloating and digestive issues and simply cannot or do not want to undergo the HRT route.


Why Participate?

Holistic Understanding: 

Gain a specific understanding of guna-s (qualities, properties) and their influence on vata the bioenergetic archetype made up of Ether and Air, pitta bioenergetic archetype made up of mostly Fire and some Water, and kapha, the bioenergetic archetype made up of Water and Earth during menopause.


Practical Applications: 

Discover practical applications of ayurvedic principles in daily life, empowering you to navigate any season or symptom with mindfulness and resilience.


Personal Insights: 

Receive personalized insights and guidance, ensuring that the wisdom of guna, attribute, is applied to your unique constitution and circumstance.


Community Connection: 

Connect with a community of like-minded individuals on a similar path, fostering a supportive space for shared experiences and growth.



This will be an interactive masterclass. Bring a pen and download and print out your workbook a day before the masterclass.  


Don't worry, I'll send you an email reminder 😘.  


The workbook will serve as a journal which will serve you beyond the time we spend together.


This is a perfect fit for you if…

  1. Are a woman 40+ who is just starting out on their ayurvedic journey and want to be able to understand the language of Ayurveda.

  2. Have been reading about Ayurveda and tried to implement it but still don't quite get how to apply it to your life.

  3. Loved when you had your shit together and followed your Ayurvedic protocol but fell off it and just can't get back to it.

  4. Have taken some Ayurveda in your Yoga Teacher's training, loved the concepts but don't quite know how to apply it to your life or you need a refresher.

  5. Are in perimenopause through post-menopause and are looking for a better way to manage your health.


This is not a fit for you if…

  1. Want an easy fix or a pill to remove symptoms of menopause and aging.

  2. Are unwilling to work at changing lifestyle and food habits even if you think you are already have conventionally healthy habits.

Price: $36 for the three hour masterclass. 


You will have tools and knowledge that extend beyond the masterclass. The value you gain from this experience is an opportunity to empower yourself with practical aspects of Ayurveda guiding you towards mastery during the menopausal transition.


Secure your spot in this Masterclass. Spaces are limited, so I encourage you to reserve your spot at your earliest convenience.




Why are spaces limited? Because you and your journey are unique, I want to be sure that I give you the time you deserve to ask questions and understand this material.


Will this be recorded for distribution? No, I wish to create a safe container for you during this Masterclass.

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